I sorprendenti e commoventi tributi ad Opportunity


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The Mars rover was declared dead today after no communication since June 2018, This was it’s last message. A 90 day mission that lasted 15 years. You did well, we’re all very proud of you. ?#RIPOppy #Opportunity

Four panels. 1: Some people complain that we see our world through cameras. 2: But to me, the really exciting part of finding something new has always been showing it to others. 3: Exploring an entire new world would already be the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine having the chance to share every new sight... 4: With seven billion friends. Image: Rover (followed by humans) points out dust devils, cliffs, etc.

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Katie Mack


A fitting tribute to @MarsRovers Opportunity by xkcd: https://www.xkcd.com/2111/  (alt text: “Thanks for bringing us along.”)

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Liz Climo


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s k i r t ❁@Skirtsan

and it’s kinda dark#ThankYouOppy #Opportunity

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Mayoking Comics@Mayoking
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Lauren Cramer@LoCramer
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Source: https://xkcd.com/695/ 

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Tutu with O and I@Aetherling
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Crisp (formerly Tenreads)@crispnewsapp
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Ceryes searcher for food@ceryesgames
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Abby Garrett@abbygarrettX

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